After an unending war with the metastreumonic Force, the powerful organization Secreta Secretorum you belong to is finally ready to undermine the head-strong federation, despite an intense struggle for power.

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1001.Weapons historical record

The first contact and confrontation with the MetaStreumonic force has demonstrated the ineffectiveness of modern energy weapons. Starting from this fact, the Federation and various armed groups have taken the decision to equip their troops with weapons coming from the Dark Ages. Nevertheless some reports and testimonies claim that distortion weapons seem to be efficient against this force. Unfortunately these weapons are very unstable and are still too dangerous to use.

Among the various theories dealing with the ineffectiveness of energy weapons on the creatures from the Metastreumonic force, we'll keep in mind those of professor Protheuss, who thinks that the problem comes from the nature of these creatures which are in part constituted of a strange energy which has the property to absorb and block the technologies of modern weaponry, such as ionic weapons, laser-based weapons, ultrasonic weapons, radiation weapons, fusion weapons; in few words all kind of energy weapons. Weapons with projectiles such as the weapons from the Dark Ages seem to be effective because their projectiles are "physical" (we'll use this term to simplify an already complex theory). Professor Protheuss thinks that this is due to the fact that symbolically physical kills spiritual, he sees in this fact a kind of parabola of the war between two elements.
His theory is very discussed and controversial. The contribution of the work of professor Longfusil in collaboration with BonneFouaille - the well known theologian was conclusive to prove that the theory of professor Protheuss was obsolete. For them the resistance of the entities of the Metastreumonic force to energy weapons comes simply from their metabolism and their energy, without any symbolism, BonneFouaille demonstrated that we couldn't define the symbolic criterions of a culture with our symbolic criterions, particularly if we are thinking to the great differences between them and us. He again sees here the misdeeds of a generalization and a universalistic reductionism.

The para PSI corps has not yet said any word about this question, and many felon scientists suspected to be pro metastreumonic were arrested and reeducated.

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