After an unending war with the metastreumonic Force, the powerful organization Secreta Secretorum you belong to is finally ready to undermine the head-strong federation, despite an intense struggle for power.

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0100. Here and Now

--Welcome brother--

Secreta Secretorum, taking full account of the Federation's coercive measures, decided to attempt a coup d'état. E.Y.E troops stand at the ready, rallied to win by desperation to get out from under Federal rule.

It's in this chaotic time that the creatures of the "meta-streumonic will" reappear, launching fleet and devastating attacks over all of the Federation, including New Eden.

The Federation hardened the laws prohibiting access to high-end war equipment such as energy weapons. The whole market is in shortage. Secreta Secretorum launches its own research programs to counter this deficiency.

E.Y.E is in the worst possible position. Officially, the structure no longer exists. Covertly, it takes actions through Secreta Secretorum to fight the Meta-streumonic Force, but alongside exterior enemies, E.Y.E is still divided into two groups, Culter Dei and Jian Shang Di which as more time passes, become rivals and hostile towards each other. The equipment difficulties that both groups share are undoubtedly common to these tensions.

E.Y.E must also be partly financed by itself. It employs beginners wishing to integrate into the structure and sends them on badly equipped missions to intercept valuable Federal cargoes. These warriors parade as galactic plunderers. E.Y.E, like many, suffers from a serious shortage of high-end military and cybernetic equipment.

In this time period, elite troops of E.Y.E achieve great results in the anti-meta-streumonic and anti-Federal fight, exterminating the threat even on the farthest colonies, recovering artifacts on inhospitable worlds and protecting civilians from besieged cities.

This co-habitation is tolerated, if not encouraged, by Federal authorities who take into account E.Y.E's successful missions against the Force, despite the raids on Federal interests. There are sometimes rogue Federal Forces and members of the organization fighting shoulder to shoulder, defending their hearths from the mysterious enemy raids.

The invasion by the meta-streumonic force increases each day, and the war against the Federation ravages whole worlds every second.

Here is where you come into play. You are an undercover agent for Secreta Secretorum where you must navigate between E.Y.E factions, keeping them at bay and reporting to the Secreta. Your role is to serve the organization's purpose: fight the Meta-streumonic force and overthrow the Federation.


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