After an unending war with the metastreumonic Force, the powerful organization Secreta Secretorum you belong to is finally ready to undermine the head-strong federation, despite an intense struggle for power.

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Update from outer space

Among the many benefits of this new 1.31 update, you will find custom maps support (available in multiplayer and in solo through a new NPC), E.Y.E's FGD, an explicative guideline and some level example sources; everything the community needs to create their own levels. This update also concerns a major change in the secondary mission system (cm_), the re-balancing of the equipment weight, the attack delay after a sprint and a noteworthy improvement of the playerís clones and drones.

Please find the complete changelog below:

Patch 1.31:


  • Added: Custom maps support: FGD and guidelines to create your own levels.
  • Added: New NPC on Temple allowing to play custom maps.
  • Added: New secondary and coop missions map: cm_wurstercorp (cc_tuto2).
  • Added: New custom secondary and coop missions map: cm_cu_minos.
  • Added: Keyboard shortcut for the slaves control action.
  • Added: Additional player spawnpoints.
  • Added: Possibility to use firearms while underwater.
  • Added: The Cyber Sprint icon is now displayed while sprinting.


  • Updated: Improvement of the slaves (clones, drones...).
  • Updated: Decreased the ammunition weight.
  • Updated: There is no more delay before being able to attack after a short sprint or after using the ironsight.
  • Updated: New system of secondary and coop missions (cm_).
  • Updated: Falling in pits does not restart the mission anymore.
  • Updated: Latency optimization on cc_new_eden.
  • Updated: New interface when speaking with the NPCs.
  • Updated: Removed the possibility to answer with the keyboard during dialogues.
  • Updated: The parry against firearms doesn't work anymore if the stamina level reaches 0.
  • Updated: Improved the NPC navigation on Temple.
  • Updated: New collision system for the players.
  • Updated: The video tutorials do not automatically display anymore on cc_tuto.
  • Updated: Increased the maximum avatar level from 230 to 250.
  • Updated: Improved the hitboxes localization and added new hitboxes for players and for most of the NPCs.
  • Updated: Modified the rat's walking animation.
  • Updated: Removed the thrown car script on New Eden.
  • Updated: The Scrabouillor armor has been increased and the armor shock has been decreased.
  • Updated: Great decrease of the latency when using a blade.
  • Updated: Possessed NPCs cannot target an invulnerable NPC anymore.
  • Updated: Invulnerable NPCs cannot be possessed anymore.
  • Updated: Access to the Character's Menu during death or while falling has been removed.
  • Updated: Federal Special Forces now use plasma weapons instead of laser weapons in multiplayer.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Mission not saved in some cases on cc_forgotten.
  • Fixed: Possible crash that could occur in coop campaign when players accomplished missions before a Master of Fate was in the game.
  • Fixed: Possible crash while using the Excidium.
  • Fixed: The PSI drain was too frequent and too deadly with the Dragon spell.
  • Fixed: Possible melee issue after a maintenance.
  • Fixed: Some weapons were not displayed correctly in third person when players were cloaked or using the EYE Vision or the Sound Triangulation.
  • Fixed: Possible crash on cc_tuto.
  • Fixed: The BK13 wasn't wall-piercing in all firemodes.
  • Fixed: Clones could be created even when a player died from a PSI drain while using Polycloning.
  • Fixed: The armor-piercing icon for the BK13 in the armory was missing.
  • Fixed: Skinning issue with the Manduco when it's dismembered.
  • Fixed: Skinning issue in first person with the left hand of the player holding a Caw Hammer.
  • Fixed: Incorrect physbox on a tube on Electric Sheep.
  • Fixed: Skinning issue on the light Jian's player model.
  • Fixed: Bug on the character creation during a change level.
  • Fixed: The medkit and grenades could be used during maintenance.
  • Fixed: Dual weapons exploit.
  • Fixed: Removed the console messages 'No special command for Cheater! LOL!' that could show up when players didn't cheat.
  • Fixed: Invisible hackable transcom on cm_new_eden.
  • Fixed: Relationship error between the punks on cc_forgotten.
  • Fixed: Updated obsolete triggers on Temple.
  • Fixed: Possibility to respawn in the pits on Temple.
  • Fixed: Model overlap on Temple.
  • Fixed: Movements weren't correctly displayed in third person view while leaning in some circumstances.
  • Fixed: Endurance was incorrectly taken into account instead of Agility for the purchase of the Scrabouillor.
  • Fixed: Hole under the arch model on noctis.
  • Fixed: Holding some keyboard shortcut could prevent players from respawning or make players respawn faster.
  • Fixed: Incorrect respawn situation when a player was killed in mid-air above a pit.
  • Fixed: Incorrect tiling of some textures.
  • Fixed: The Actions menu wasn't correctly refreshed after an avatar change without exiting the game.
  • Fixed: Using Invocation on a target in a confined area could make the spawned creature stuck.
  • Fixed: Farming exploit on Noctis.
  • Fixed: Researches didnít affect the Scrabouillorís armor.
  • Fixed: Model overlap on cc_tuto2.
  • Fixed: Call of nonexistent gibs for the model bio_drone_01.
  • Fixed: Incorrect relationship between Culters and Jians on cm_dreams.
  • Fixed: Players could lean while jumping.
  • Fixed: Lavalette could spawn infinite carnophages as long as he was alive on cc_ancient.
  • Fixed: Balthazar could be killed by NPCs on cc_falling.
  • Fixed: Incorrect alpha channel on the Cyberware sellerís icon.
  • Fixed: Animation jerking in first person view when players switched weapons while looking up or down.
  • Fixed: Lugger, the punk boss and his boys were present on cm_forgotten.
  • Fixed: The apostrophe cannot be used in the avatarís name anymore. It could reset the avatar if it was renamed with a name containing an apostrophe.
  • Fixed: Missing node graph on cc_end.
  • Fixed: Various typo errors in texts.

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