After an unending war with the metastreumonic Force, the powerful organization Secreta Secretorum you belong to is finally ready to undermine the head-strong federation, despite an intense struggle for power.

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At last, here comes the first saving patch for E.Y.E. We hope it will please you and will make the game more enjoyable. We encourage you to recreate a character in order to really improve the experience, and to reset your achievements (in game in the Stats tab).

We may give you the required tools to create level in the near future, and a demo of E.Y.E will be released very soon.

Here is the changelog:

Patch 1.13:

Bug fixes:

  • Loading crashes between maps
  • General stability
  • Exploit linked to the Deus Ex Machina
  • Characteristic exploit
  • Fixed Alt-Tab messing-up the UI
  • Permanent Death when a hack fails
  • Saves losses and character resets
  • Dialogues in multiplayer games
  • Brouzouf resets
  • ATMs not giving money when hacked
  • Enemies not reacting to hacked traitors
  • Enemies not reacting when a friend dies close to them
  • Return to first PSI power when a player dies
  • Required agility for the Scrabouillor
  • Required agility for the Sentry
  • Bio Regen 5 not resetting Head Traumas
  • Hacking list reset when a NPC dies
  • Crashes linked to a certain number of hacked slaves
  • "EYE_GHOST" being defined both in EYE_English and Gameui_english
  • Achievements linked to the legendary classes
  • Medkit achievement
  • Triangular Gates and some spells giving Fatal Wounds despite the researches
  • Increase of implants beyond the limit
  • Missing Streumonic Complementarity research description
  • Missing Cyber briefcase models for researches
  • Campaign results displaying esoteric and nasty things
  • VIP exploit
  • Researches not always launching
  • Lighting in cc_temple*, cc_new_eden, cc_tuto and cc_monolith
  • cc_new_eden secondary quests not being saved
  • cc_forgotten secondary quests not being saved
  • Incorrect Deus Ex spawnpoint in cm_sheep
  • Broken ladder in cc_sheep
  • Infinite XP exploit on New Eden (Mentor)
  • Locken not having a weapon when hostile on cc_new_eden
  • Locken's departure and death not being saved on cc_new_eden
  • Possible money exploit on cc_tuto2
  • Possible XP exploit on cc_new_eden
  • Being able to respawn in front of the Immortal King on cc_noctis without having completed the required quest
  • Fall in the temple not always killing the player
  • Players being Jian/Culter on cm_sheep
  • Missing texture on cc_new_eden
  • Missing texture on cc_forgotten
  • Missing texture on cm_dreams
  • Fixed being able to get stuck in the armory on cc_noctis
  • Tobi not killing himself on cc_forgotten
  • Invisible water brush on cc_ancient
  • Superfluous armory logo on cc_noctis
  • Being able to get stuck in stairs after a resurrection on cc_purge
  • Being able to get stuck in stairs after a resurrection on cc_forgotten
  • Mauve Mentor objective not being attached to the actual NPC on cm_purge
  • Perigrum Forma being able to spawn in front of the player in the maintenance tunnels of cc_monolith
  • Spawning view distances next to the player on Noctis Labyrinthus and Electric Sheep
  • Achievement "Revelation" not being awarded when a player finds Akmal, the ancient
  • Retrieval objective on cm_noctis not being clear
  • Possible answer to Akmal not being active on cc_ancient
  • Supreme Manduco being able to always kill on cc_new_eden
  • Door of the Supreme Manduco closing behind the player
  • Physic boxes of the streetlamps
  • Invisible switch on cc_falling
  • Typos in some texts
  • Not being able to shoot through some fences with some weapons
  • Real end of the game too hard to get


  • Optimized memory
  • Resurector invincibility is longer and more visible
  • Max player option in the server creation
  • Camera movement option when running
  • Blur effect option when running
  • Delay for using weapons after a dialogue
  • Increased the numbers of given missions in Coop Missions depending on the number of players
  • Escape allows closing certain menus
  • Weapons can be bound to keys
  • Decreased the sight cones and maximum sight distance of all NPCs
  • Increased the Deus Ex Machinas' resistance
  • Decreased the number of XP and Brouzouf earned when killing a Deus Ex Machina
  • Deus Ex Machina's main weapon deals more damage
  • Decreased the player's Heavy Armor protection
  • Decreased the Sulfatum's accuracy
  • Decreased the fall damage
  • Throwing grenades cancels the Cloaking Field
  • Limited the maximum amount of Brouzoufs
  • Limited the maximum amount of XP and Brouzoufs given in one time
  • Decreased the exploit of Fatal Wounds optimization
  • Some cheating techniques aren't possible anymore
  • Temporary and backup save system
  • Some little balance tweaks
  • Made the exit in cc_tuto2 more obvious
  • Decreased the difficulty of the protection mission on cm_noctis
  • Added an Ally icon on the Heavy Culter squad on cm_noctis
  • Turrets in cc_monolith should be easier to spot
  • Added some more player spawn points in the levels

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